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LM: #255: Completing the conversation

March 18 2024 – 09:00am

It’s possible to be too focused on finishing.

I was interviewing a Love Mondays reader who is a successful contemporary artist. She said as much as she doesn’t want to think of herself as someone who doesn’t finish things, neither does she want to think of herself as someone who does.

She explained that when she teaches someone to draw, oftentimes, “five minutes into it, there’s something amazing there, but they don’t see it.”

We’ve all been in a conversation that started out enjoyable, but went on too long. The other person goes on about something that doesn’t interest you. Or you walk away feeling good but later realize you talked about yourself the whole time.

In your creative work, it’s easy to get too focused on arriving at a pre-conceived result. You need to stop from time to time and look at what you’ve got. Otherwise, that great drawing you have at five minutes may turn into a muddled mess by ten.

Creative work is a conversation. Be a good conversation partner. After you speak, you need to listen.

Aphorism: “When talented people write badly it’s generally for one of two reasons: Either they’re blinded by an idea they feel compelled to prove or they’re driven by an emotion they must express.” —Robert McKee

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