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LM: #259: Time gratitude

April 15 2024 – 10:00am

Everyone in the modern world saves incredible amounts of time.

We wake in bedsheets we didn’t weave,
In a house we didn’t build,
Out of timber we didn’t cut.

We drink water we didn’t fetch,
Eat food we didn’t grow,
And travel great distances without walking.

We send messages written by predictive text,
Set in letters we didn’t scribe,
Around the world, no pigeons, foot messengers, nor even paper.

Yet we feel we need more time.

I’m trying to practice time gratitude. When I send an email, order delivery from my phone, or even cook a meal at home, I take a moment to acknowledge how little time it takes to meet my needs.

And instead of thinking what to do next, I use that extra time to breathe.

Aphorism: “How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book!” —Henry David Thoreau

Cool: I have found a blue light therapy panel (Amazon) to be effective in minimizing jet lag, and, when I lived in Chicago, SAD.

P.S. Thank you Aidan Helfant for having me on the Personal Knowledge Management podcast.

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