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A Marriage Between iPod and iPod Shuffle

March 10 2005 – 03:17pm

Before the iPod Shuffle came out, I had a vision for the iPod. I thought it would be useful if it included a main unit with large capacity, but had a small part of it that would clip off when on the go. The technology for playing the music, as well as the controls – like the iPod shuffle controls –, could go on the small unit. I hadn’t envisioned eliminating the display from the small unit though.

From an industrial design and branding standpoint, it’s hard to imagine what this product would look like. Maybe it would be too complex to be an Apple product. Maybe the iPod Shuffle is a better idea.

This post is a part of my new initiative to post more of my ideas, as inspired by the business ideas of Jamie Hiner of GrowthTrak. Why not share ideas that I don’t have the knowhow to capitalize on?

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