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David Perell: Being a Hedgehog When You’re a Fox, Living With the Twitter Algorithm, Learning from Tyler Cowen, and Building Mass for Leverage – Love Your Work, Episode 287

September 08 2022 – 07:30am

David PerellDo you want to build an audience online, but have such a wide variety of interests, you don’t know what to focus on? I think you’ll like this interview with David Perell.

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David Perell (@david_perell) calls himself “The Writing Guy.” He runs the cohort-based online writing school, Write of Passage (I love that name). His marketing is very specific, but he has incredibly diverse interests, and enthusiastically shares content related to those interests online.

I went through his links on his website (no longer posted) to prepare for this conversation, and just my highlights of his links were over 6,000 words long! The topics included economics, art, urban planning, golf, music, and much more.

I’ve been really impressed watching David’s online presence, so I brought him on the podcast for my first interview episode in more than two years!

We’ll talk about:

Topics mentioned

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