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How to Get Twitter Updates on Your Cell Phone Without Going Crazy

May 19 2008 – 10:31pm

Photo by Flickr user cjsorgThe main problem the beginning Twitter user encounters is that they can’t manage all of the activity on their cell phone. Once you are following a few people, the number of updates coming to your phone will be overwhelming. Many people end up turning off their updates to their phone entirely – and then probably abandoning Twitter altogether – but it doesn’t have to be this way! You can still participate in Twitter and have the relevant stuff go to your mobile device while the less critical stuff is waiting for you on your Twitter home page.

So fear not about turning on Device Updates on Twitter. It’s alot more fun when you can have the relevant stuff coming to your mobile, while you leave the rest of it for the occassional web update. *Keep this in mind if you have yet to sign up for Twitter, and be sure to pick a really unique username that isn’t likely to appear as part of normal conversation, or even as a part of a word. Otherwise, this just isn’t going to work. Sorry, @t.

Photo by cjsorg.

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