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How to tie a winter scarf

October 22 2009 – 10:00am

how_to_tie_a_scarfThere are plenty of ways to tie a winter scarf; but after a friend showed me this method, I don’t think I’ll ever tie a scarf another way again. Most scarf tying methods I’ve found are bulky and uneven; but this method yields a knot that distributes the mass of the scarf evenly. So, it looks dandy underneath your winter coat.

Step 1: hang the scarf behind your neck. Position the scarf so that the majority of the length of the scarf hangs over your right shoulder, leaving a shorter length over your left shoulder.

Hangin' out.

Step 2: cross the short end of the scarf over the long end. Hopefully you still have plenty of length on the long end, because you’ll be needing it.

Don't cross me. Cross your scarf.

Step 3: wrap the long end of the scarf around the back of your neck. Hold onto some of the length to leave a loop. You’ll be using that loop!

Kadavy, Inc. is not responsible for accidental hangings.

Step 4: feed the long end of the scarf back through it’s own loop. Remember that loop you made in Step 3? That loop.

Slam dunk!

Step 5: pull both ends. Hopefully both ends are of equal length. If not, no biggie, just try again, adjusting the lengths of scarf accordingly.

Kadavy, Inc. is not responsible for accidental decapitations.

Step 6: look awesome. You’re welcome. You have now tied a perfect scarf. Have a nice winter.

Want a video demonstration? Well, here ya go:

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