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Integrating My Blog Into My Personal Page

June 01 2004 – 07:37pm

…shouldn’t be very tough. After sorting through some of the code in my template, and running a few simple tests, it looks like plugging my blog into a personal/portfolio page should be relatively easy. I aim to do a nice CSS-based layout, and use some PHP to plug in includes and maybe for some other features. Which leaves me with just three issues:

  1. I’ve never done a completely CSS-based layout.
  2. I’ve done very little PHP development.
  3. My current experimental site won’t accommodate this stuff very well.

So, this should be a fun challenge. Hopefully I can stay committed to accomplishing this. I have a strong desire to master CSS-based layout. From what I can tell so far, doing CSS layout is a pain in the rear, but I really believe in the power of CSS.

Why? So many of my designer friends ask. Here are a few reasons truly off the top of my head:

-maintain the structure of information
HTML’s various tags work wonderfully to categorize information or give it a hierarchy. CSS enables you to use these tags while still giving everything the look you desire.

-separate style from content
Nothing new to you if you are familiar with CSS. With CSS the information that is in your source code will be just that: information. You won’t have a bunch of meaningless table tags strewn about. This also results in a faster load time, because your formatting remains in your style sheet, which is then cached. The browser only needs to download the information.

-forwards compatibility
Since the actual HTML markup is so clean, it breaks apart nicely on mobile devices and the like. Re-designs are easier with CSS, too. All you have to do is change out your style sheet, and your site is totally redesigned. Keeping clean markup makes it easier for archivists to save your content so it will outlive you.

…to both humans and machines. Keeping your text as text, and not hidden away in some Flash movie or image file makes your information scalable for sight-impaired users, and readable both by search engines and aural browsers.

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