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June 18 2005 – 03:54pm

As I promised so long ago, I have redesigned With the exception of the masthead I’m still going ornament-free (after all of the effort it took to get the Dundee Theater to put my name on the marquee, I wasn’t about to omit that picture), but the typography has been tweaked quite a bit. I’ve also added my portfolio, inspired by Stopdesign’s Movable Type managed portfolio. With some ingenuity, and some modest PHP skills, one can manage all sorts of content. Douglas Bowman (stopdesign) posted a tutorial on making a portfolio with Movable Type, but maybe someday I’ll write a post covering some of the things he left out. Using the Movable Type content management system will make it easy for me to keep my portfolio updated. Other new features are…

You may notice a sort of “campaign” emerging, starting with the new tagline: “Get to Know David Kadavy.” Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.

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