Mini-life case study: One couple, 6 months in Medellín – Love Your Work, Episode 96

October 23 2017 – 07:30am


I’ve talked a little on this show – especially in the early days – about the idea of “mini-lives”. Basically, you go live your normal life in another city for a month, or two months.

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Or, in the case of our guests today, about six months. Mike and Megan left their jobs in Washington DC, and before they decided to go anywhere else, they wanted to live a mini life.

And, they came to Medellín. I sat down with them in a cafe to hear their story. You’re going to hear:

If you’ve been considering planning a mini-life, check out the bonus content for this episode on LYW Elite. About twenty minutes of this conversation ended up on the cutting-room floor. I shared some tips I’ve learned over the years for planning a successful mini-life.

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