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Mini-life case study: One couple, 6 months in Medellín – Love Your Work, Episode 96

October 23 2017 – 07:30am


I’ve talked a little on this show – especially in the early days – about the idea of “mini-lives”. Basically, you go live your normal life in another city for a month, or two months.

Or, in the case of our guests today, about six months. Mike and Megan left their jobs in Washington DC, and before they decided to go anywhere else, they wanted to live a mini life.

And, they came to Medellín. I sat down with them in a cafe to hear their story. You’re going to hear:

If you’ve been considering planning a mini-life, check out the bonus content for this episode on LYW Elite. About twenty minutes of this conversation ended up on the cutting-room floor. I shared some tips I’ve learned over the years for planning a successful mini-life.

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