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New email course: 100-Word Writing Habit

February 09 2021 – 03:53pm

100 word writing habitOne of the best things I’ve done for myself was start a writing habit. I used to wait for inspiration. Months would pass between blog posts.

It wasn’t until I made writing a habit that I started publishing consistently, and growing as a writer. (And if you read my first blog post, there’s no denying I’ve grown as a writer.)

Now I’ve written three bestselling books, I send a weekly email newsletter, and publish a couple 2,000-word articles/podcasts and a 5,000-word income report each month.

It all starts with my writing habit. Each morning, I grab my AlphaSmart, and crank out at least 100 words.

I’m such a fan of the 100-word writing habit, I’m launching a new email course to teach others the power of building a writing habit.

100 words may not seem like much. The power of this habit lies in getting started, and being consistent. 100 words is such a small commitment, you can’t fail. But once you get started, you keep going. Repeat this habit every day for years, and the benefits compound.

Once you write 100 words, you often write more. But even if you only wrote 100 words each day, that’d be a 36,500-word book each year.

For some help building your 100-word writing habit, sign up for my new (and free) email course at The course starts March 3rd, so sign up before the deadline.

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