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June 07 2016 – 02:48pm

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I met a man who had bought my book. Right after he told me how much he loved it, he turned his eyes downward with shame, and started shaking his head “but I haven’t finished it.”

It’s okay, finishing books is hard. Even good books.


That’s why I created Summer of Design. It’s a 12-email course, each email based upon a chapter of Design for Hackers. You get an email every few days teaching you something new about the “whys” of design.

Before you know it, you’ve learned most of Design for Hackers.

I’m re-releasing Summer of Design today. It’s free if you sign up by June 20th.

Summer of Design was a huge hit when I first released it in 2013. Look what it did to my email list.

mailchimp-summer-of-design-growth 2

Summer of Design won’t teach you what “the best font” is. It won’t give you 3 “quick tips” to increase your conversions. It won’t even show you any cool Photoshop effects.

But, Summer of Design will break down the factors that make great design great. It will install a framework in your brain to finally think the way a designer does.

Next time you see a design you like, you’ll see it with new eyes. You’ll understand the decisions the designer made, as if you were communicating with them through telepathy.

You’ll learn about typography, color theory, design principles, and much more. This is a “reverse-engineering” approach to understanding great design.

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