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The Pantheon – My Favorite Place on Earth

June 15 2005 – 12:28am

During my college years, I had the pleasure of spending a semester in Rome, Italy. The most amazing place in all of Rome, and in what I have seen of the world, is the Pantheon. Built circa 118 A.D., it is one of the Architectural marvels of the world. The 142 foot, almost perfectly spherical dome is supported by 20 foot thick masonry and is topped off with an oculus that permits light (and yes, rain) into the building.

Words can’t do justice to what it is like to enter this space. I’m afraid pictures cannot either, but I’ll give it a try.

pantheon interior

I pasted this image together from a series of pictures I took. Like I say, it still doesn’t do justice to the space. The Pantheon was very close to my studio, and one of my favorite pastimes was to sit in the Pantheon and watch people experience it for the first time.

Maybe this couple can explain it to you.

couple seeing the pantheon for the first time

If you ever make it to Rome. Don’t miss this building.

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