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David Kadavy is author of Mind Management, Not Time Management, The Heart to Start & Design for Hackers.

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Love Your Work is the intellectual playground of David Kadavy, bestselling author of three books – including Mind Management, Not Time Management – and former design advisor to Timeful – a Google-acquired productivity app.

Love Your Work is where David shows you how to be productive when creativity matters, get things done and breed Black Swans in your career as a creator. Dig into the archives for insightful conversations with Dan Ariely, David Allen, Seth Godin, James Altucher, and many more.

David is an underrated writer and thinker. In an age of instant publication, he puts time, effort and great thought into the content and work he shares with the world.
—Jeff Goins, bestselling author of Real Artists Don’t Starve

To hear interviews of David, here is a complete list of podcasts he’s been on.

Posts from the Love Your Work Podcast Category

Curiosity Management – Love Your Work, Episode 284

July 28, 2022

 curiosity managementDo you ever feel like you don’t have the time and energy to learn about everything you want to know? Is it hard to stay focused on reading one book, when there’s ten others you want to read? You need curiosity management.
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Fifteen Years as a Creator. (I’ll Never Make It.) – Love Your Work, Episode 283

July 14, 2022

Writing in my notebook, circa April 2009. (Photo: Ryan Halvorsen)

Five years ago, I wrote about how – after ten years as a self-employed independent creator – I hoped to “make it.” I now realize, I never will.
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How I Put My Book on a Times Square Billboard (What Did It Cost, & Did It Work?) – Love Your Work, Episode 282

June 30, 2022

 book times square billboardI recently advertised my book on a billboard in Times Square. It was cheaper than you think, and was up for less time than you might expect. But it’s still paying dividends.
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E.R.A.S.E. F.E.A.R. and Finish Your Creative Projects – Love Your Work, Episode 281

June 16, 2022

erase fearIn fifteen years as a self-employed creator, I’ve learned how to finish what matters. I follow a nine-step process that makes an easy-to-remember acronym, that also describes what this process does: E.R.A.S.E. F.E.A.R.
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Surround and Conquer (Your Biggest Dreams) – Love Your Work, Episode 280

June 02, 2022

surround and conquerWhen Facebook was first expanding, they used a timeless military strategy to win their most-crucial first users. You can use this strategy to attack your toughest projects, by leveraging hidden complexity to lend devastating power to simple actions.
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Summary: Industrial Society and Its Future (The Unabomber Manifesto) – Love Your Work, Episode 279

May 19, 2022

industrial society and its future unabomber manifestoIndustrial Society and Its Future, is otherwise known as “The Unabomber Manifesto,” written by Ted Kaczynski. Kaczynsnki is a terrorist who killed three people, and injured twenty-three others, by sending bombs through the mail, between 1978 and 1995. He used his terror campaign to exploit the negativity bias of media and pressure the Washington Post and New York Times into publishing his 35,000-word anti-technology manifesto.

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Summary: The Elements of Eloquence: Secrets of the Perfect Turn of Phrase – Love Your Work, Episode 278

May 05, 2022

elements of eloquenceThere are some invisible structures in language, and using them can be the difference between your message being forgotten or living through the ages. These are The Elements of Eloquence, which is the title of Mark Forsyth’s book. I first picked this up a couple years ago, and have read it several times since then. I think it’s one of the best writing books, and has dramatically improved my writing. Here is my summary of The Elements of Eloquence: Secrets of the Perfect Turn of Phrase.

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Summary: Trust Me, I’m Lying – by Ryan Holiday – Love Your Work, Episode 277

April 21, 2022

trust me im lying summaryIn Trust Me, I’m Lying, Ryan Holiday reveals the media manipulation tactics he used as Marketing Director of American Apparel, and for his PR clients. Meanwhile, he exposes the inner workings of a modern media machine in which incentives make it impossible for the version of reality depicted in the media to come close to resembling the truth. I think it’s Holiday’s best book, and one of the best media studies books.

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How Matthew Walker Ruined My Sleep (& How I Fixed It) – Love Your Work, Episode 276

April 07, 2022

why we sleep say goodnight to insomnia summaryIn 2018, Matthew Walker was on a media blitz, promoting his book, Why We Sleep. I was one of the many people who picked up the book. It slowly ruined my sleep. But recently, I fixed it.

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Finish What Matters (Forget the Rest) – Love Your Work, Episode 275

March 24, 2022

finish what mattersOne thing I hear from a lot from readers of The Heart to Start, is that many people have no problem starting new projects. They instead struggle with finishing them. I can relate.

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