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Kadavy in Stereo

June 03 2007 – 05:35pm

There are two new places on the internets where you can hear my voice if you’re so inclined:

  1. The SustainLane presentation I spoke of is now available on the Green Festival website. Just click on the “launch greenfestival radio” button and find it in the player. It’s currently in the track #42 position. If you’re itching to skip ahead to my part, I start right around the 7:15 mark.
  2. I was recently a special guest on Be A Design Cast by my friends Nate Voss and Donovan Beery at Be A Design Group. It seems the internet tubes that the sound was traveling through from San Francisco to Omaha caused somewhat of an echo – they should really install some drapes or carpeting in them.

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