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Mind Management is a Kindle Deal!

March 01 2022 – 07:20am

mmt kindle monthly deal march 2022Mind Management, Not Time Management is a Kindle Monthly Deal! It’s only $2.49 on, and That’s 75% off the regular price.

On a self-publishing note, Kindle Deals are hand-picked by Amazon, so this is a huge honor. Unlike the BookBub Featured Deals, this promotion costs me nothing. And even though $2.49 is below the 70%-royalty-rate threshold, my previous experience with a Kindle Daily Deal indicates I’ll still earn 70% royalties. You win, I win.

If you haven’t yet, buy Mind Management, Not Time Management on Kindle for just $2.49. For just $5, you can buy a copy for yourself, and for that friend you know would love the book.

MMT recently passed the 10,000-copies-sold mark, so I’m excited to see how this promotion boosts sales.

P.S. This is just on and Sorry, I have no control over the price in this case!

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