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What are your Eight Life Hacks?

July 08 2009 – 10:13am

Remember my Eight Life Hacks for Health Wealth & Happiness? Well, Brea Grant has made her own list of things to do to keep your life happy and simple.I love it! The summary is: Compliment Someone, Swap Mix CDs With a Friend, Water Yourself, Create a List and Complete it, and Grow Something. Check out Brea’s full post to see what all of that means.

I really need to Compliment Someone more often, and I’ve found that Grow Something is very relaxing, too. Though, it sucks when your plants die.

I want to see more lists! So:

What are Eight* simple things that make you feel like you’re cheating the system? Blog it, put it on a Facebook note, better yet, make a video and get Eight* people to do the same. Like an item on someone else’s list? Go ahead and include it on yours.

Are you not on the list? Do it anyway. What are your Eight Life Hacks?

* or 2, or 5, or 300 – you get the idea.


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